Bad Judgement

I open this book to this empty page
Prepared to fill its lines with anger and rage
But my thoughts are tangled, thin, barren threads
These words consume me locked up in my head
How could I have looked at you thinking you would know
Yes, but you did put on a fantastic show
Go on and run to her she needs you more than me
Then I'll find the courage to be who I’m designed to be
Clench her wrist and hold on tight because you’re going down too
That’s what I get for letting someone in
that someone...


by Payyton Egerstaffer

Comments (3)

I agreed with Adeline at first. It took me a couple of reads (worth it tho) . Definitely a potential great. The end is stretched, but I do love the delivery. It just kinda betrays the count. Love it tho.
very powerful. i feel that way bout my ex. great job! !
Strong langauge that I enjoyed thank you.