Echos Of My Fathers Mind, To Mine...

Come follow the river, Come
follow the tide. Come fly across
valleys, and mountains wide. Come
soar over Persia, or into Bermudas
night skies. Travel through Africa,
on a camel ride. Climb the glaciers
of Alaska, see the auras bright cast
of...lights...Just don't ever close
your eyes, , , to the sights...To where
you find... your at a point in time...
You have to ask, , , the, Question, to yourself...
Have I let life, , , blow past... To strangers,
has my kindness been vast...Whats left to hold,
whats left to grasp...Has my love left a path...
Has it been enough to make...memories, , , that last...

by Rebecca Navarre

Comments (4)

wow what a craft thank you for sharing
Thank you shannon, i really appreciate your comment
I really liked the last stanza Alison, specifically the last two lines for the way they rhyme and act as a stop for the piece. It's rough when we hit a bad lunch cycle. If I were you, I'd try writing it in 2nd person (using YOU instead of I or MY) and see if it becomes even more poignant. Thanks for showing it to me.
I love my poem