Bad Luck

Bad luck
My heart is throbbing fast.
My fate is robbing hash.

Blessed are you who aspire.
My will strives for that desire.
Cursed is me who clamour to retire.
Mineare mere words and not even a satire.

You have a shadow that isfaithful and friendly.
Mine is careless and unruly
To think of it, you go mad truly
In presence of light, it seats there on its own,
While I wonder around like a clown.
Indarkness, it grows violent and attacks me.

You are fortunate to wait for a harvest after planting.
It is unfortunate, it also finds me wanting.
If I do the same,
A kennel of dogs come to devour my field.
When I try chasing them away, the grow vicious and leave me for the dead.
Dead end too on my race to emulate others.
As I speak, my body is all sores.

On marriage, my hands are in the up.
I surrender, I have given up.
Isn't it normal to propose?
Resultantly, houses around me are all twos
Can the same be said about me, ?
Hell no!
My life despises a partner,
The moment I try, my words smell like a pit latrine.
No one wants to be associated to me the moment I mention marriage.

Money have packed the bags and hit the road
It deserted my pockets and leave them hard.
The two of us have become enemies,
Money and me cannot go together.

I'm now alone in a world of billions,
Trying to make sense when all everyone can see is trash.
Asking questions that no one can answer.
People undermine words of a "mad man"
I am not but seem like one.
A special case yet again a different one.

Mmm still thinking what can this be....


by Alison Mujati

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wow what a craft thank you for sharing
Thank you shannon, i really appreciate your comment
I really liked the last stanza Alison, specifically the last two lines for the way they rhyme and act as a stop for the piece. It's rough when we hit a bad lunch cycle. If I were you, I'd try writing it in 2nd person (using YOU instead of I or MY) and see if it becomes even more poignant. Thanks for showing it to me.
I love my poem