Bad Men

I am tainted
My skin
My breath
My soul
My heart

I am broken
My mind
My body
My life
My love

I lie here in pieces
Waiting to be cleaned
I blame myself
But he walked in the room

I cry silently
Huddling in a corner
His fist into the air
He left me there

I am tainted
I shall never be the same
I cannot gain what he has taken
I lie in pieces

I am broken
My body is crumbled
He was just angry
I don’t know what to do

To thoughs of you girls, boys, men, women that have been abused, raped, beaten, and brusied. I hope that in some way my poems could possibly help. Have faith and hope know that you are not alone.

by Scarred Unknown

Comments (4)

u are immaculate and full of thought and emotion..magnificent poem..u amazing
Breathlessly stunning, Scarred: you capture it so well that I don't see anyone else doing it better. Thank you - for the poem, & for bringing good out of the torture you went through. Keep writing! I wish you well. Sincerely, WBB
Nice write girl.Its cool that u try 2 write 2 help others. Peace, Alan
I am sorry for your pain and that anyone could treat you this way. Your poem is well said, an expression of the open wound that won't heal, the abuse that so often goes unreported.