Bad Morning

Poem By Langston Hughes

Here I sit
With my shoes mismated.
I's frustrated!

Comments about Bad Morning

Small but beautiful poem!
It’s about struggling with his mixed heritage. Lines 1-2 are in standard English, representing stereotypes of whiteness. Lines 3-4 are in vernacular, representing of blackness. The shoes similarly suggest his own " mismated" heritage. “Morning" is a metaphor for how his birth has caused the frustration of straddling two cultures, but never fully belonging to one.
I like this poem
and.. good job on that true love poem fire... hit me bro, I have a lot of sad that Im not releasing and the fact you let out the way you feel like you have bro, I look at you like an extension of a younger me.. (No pun intended)
man poems man i am better than all poets mane all them i make better poets i am about to catch my flight you don't wanna wait on me you don't wanna i should've let you know that your my only one ill you till you

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