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Bad Poetry About God
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Bad Poetry About God

Poem By Professor Poetry Hound

I think God deserves better than the kind of chintzy
fairytale poetry written by religious people. He is
far more powerful than them or their pathetic and
conceited attempts to scare people with threats a
bout the grim reaper or the devil.

Hey, that reminds me, who do you think would win
in a wrestlemania face-off between the grim reaper
and the devil? I think the devil would win hands
down because all the grim reaper has is that dopey
scythe, a clumsy instrument that is rendered useless
in close-in combat. And that black gown that he
wears (and never throws in the wash, I’ll bet) cuts
off his peripheral vision. I think the devil’s
pitchfork allows for more versatility, and he can
head-butt the grim reaper with his horns.

Ultimately, God can easily dispatch both of them
with a flick of his nonexistent little finger. What he
seems unable (or unwilling) to do is help religious
people write decent poetry.

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Comments (6)

Very entertaining, except that God's little finger is NOT non-existent. He has all his fingers. I don't have all of mine, but that's another story (found in my poem BIG BANG MEMORY) .
NOT bad poetry about God...Thank you so much for this lovely poem
Your Professorship, it's good to see your exceptional wit once again. Rusty
I like this.And I have NEVER seen the word about cut like you do in a line break. Well. Please check your inbox. H
Prof! You're back! *madly waving and clapping*. Oh, I just LOVE this... from the seemingly random (and WHERE do they come from?) thoughts to that brilliant unfortunately non-ironic ending.... oh, completely fab. (Except of course that God 'is' a SHE') . :) t x