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Bad Taste
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Bad Taste

I am a dirty secret, a notorious rumor,
I am an unwanted penny at the corner shop -
I am a forgotten book by the school bus stop,
With pages full of bad humor.

I am a rough hand, scrubbing on a porcelain cup-
Trying to get rid of a scarlet lipstick smudge,
Long after she is gone.
I am July the second 1961,
I am a sad day-
I am a flashback of a whole lifetime
Before bullet splattering your brain.
I am a song written in a minor scale,
A song that you hate to sing,
I am a story written that stings to read,
An overly dystopian tale.
I am a hole in the tin roof, rain dripping in,
Flooding your ten square feet of bliss,
I am a misaligned raindropp parallel to your tears,
A long forgotten first kiss.
I am a bad dream of Che, dreamt in a bad time-
I am an aspiring rebel in a newly reformed state
Sold out short for a dime.

I am a howl over the mountains,
I am a sob hidden in your sleeve,
I am an attempt to awake an ignorant nation
Pretending to be asleep.
I am poverty under the shadow of moon,
I am boundaries of your mind,
I am childish wishes of a 70 year old,
I am a broken button of rewind.
I am frustration, I am failure,
A devilish synonym of defame-
I crush your dreams under my feet,
I am Sacrifices of generations
On enternal hellish flame.

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Hey, Duke, this is a well penned piece, very deep, keep it! you are in the right track and the right site! , Love and Peace and Peace.... 2