AB ( / A small town in Yemen)

Bad Thoughts

I close my eyes and there I see,
dreams and thoughts in front of me.
They race by like bugs on the ground,
and hit me in the head without a sound.
They tell me what to do and what to say,
they tell me how to live throughout each day.
Stop they won’t, for they come in leagues,
all at once in one big siege.
I never know what they will bring,
what pain they carry what song they sing.
Thoughts of hurt and wrongs in my life,
thoughts of failures, pain, and strife.
Running wild I cannot sleep,
for their cut runs so very deep.
What am I to do to block such hurt?
A pain that won’t cease until I’m planted in dirt.
So I close my eyes and hope I see,
one happy thought that may finally save me.

by Afan Bapacker

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You're sooooooooo cute Afan.....post more...I wanna read