Bad Words Finishing In "Ion"

Today is so old, that it
Dies cold as a black stone
So, here too weird is love
That control must be retained
On me, just as that one option
The play here is as always
All bad words ending with"*ion"
Go search quick to rhymes
Depression, relation, tension
And never expect any sanction
Trapped there in the sad night
Tonight is like most of my life
Yet, so dearly wishing to turn back
Soon, should be silenced apprehension
And live and fight for the resolution
Now, getting back down and write down
In addition refusing more manipulation
Sedition in a mind seeds my revolution
Against such frequent intimidation
Why accept this for no reason? I am
Standing drunk at the edge of oblivion
Just because one takes every decision
Why when we all starved for kindness
And are still pouring love in this home
Where it gets no care nor much attention
Or is answered with bad words all in "ion"
So, on the rolling hills of up and down emotions
There is not even a slight sign of redemption
But merely endless incomprehension

by Marilyn Jean

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