Poem Hunter
(04 October 1943 / Germany)


A chestnut fell onto the ground
was taken hostage by a hound,
who carried her without ado
into his doghouse near the Zoo.

The chestnut, sad and quite depressed
sat, crying in the wolfhound's nest
But no escape was to be had
the dog seemed clever, also mad.

During the night he scratched his fur
which woke and irritated her.
So she said: 'Hound, you let me go
and I shall make some special Eau,

it will, I promise you my friend
put a quite shocking bitter end
to itches of the canine kind,
from chest to neck to your behind.'

They went down to the water's edge
and here the chestnut made the pledge:
'Just take a bite off of my back
it's where the colour is dark black

and let us soak it in the lake,
I know, my freedom is at stake.'
They mixed and heated until morn'
and soon a greenish slime was born.

Refined in daylight by the breeze
the dog said, 'may I try it please? '
He took, while chestnut did avert
her almond eyes behind her skirt

a bath and covered all his skin
from toes to crotch up to his chin.
All itching stopped not to return,
it's something you may want to learn.

The stuff was marketed that year
and took the sales-record from beer.
Named BADEDAS, it's worth a try
I own the company, that's why.

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As per forum message... and I'll add, that' ain't Bad, is dat. t x