Poem Hunter
(04 October 1943 / Germany)


I'd eat the crumbs
that you have dropped
into the mud outside.
I'd have your sneakers
as companion on those nights
when you are gone,
to screw around with relatives,
for no good reason, mind you.
But, when I really think about
what in this life of lives
would turn me on,
it is the thought of tasting,
just a tiny, little bit
of Badedas that has
for a few minutes
played host to you,
immersed within.
O my sweet Jesus.

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Comments (2)

Max's expaination of the word 'Badedas' is helpful. I've never heard of this word before but I have heard of the 'romantic ploy' of loving someone so much you would drink their bathwater. I say.....yuck. I'll leave the romance to those that really know it. You do seem to know your stuff. Sincerely, Mary
Sweetly romantic...maybe a little possessive? I liked it though.