Never Alone..

I sat on a bench alone underneath the dark clouds..

Seems like everythin'..seems like they were not proud..

I've got my pains, hiding on my smiles..

Then rain drops fell..

Could I stand still?

Tears in my eyes, countless as the rain..

I felt so cold, in aches I couldn't restrain..

Shadows of fears, in my heart it invaded..

Broken road was where i thought it would be headed..

Then YOU walked in and sighed..

Trying to say 'hi'..

I faked a smile, and oh I couldn't deny..

The way you dried up my tears

Little by little I see..

Before you brought the sunshine,

You took the time to weep with me..

And I found a stranger who understood me when no one did..

I've got someone who gave me trust and attention paid

I had a friend to enjoy with our similarities and differences..

I received MY BLESSING...

a SISTER in loving grace..

And now I am sitting on a bench.. NEVER ALONE.. ♥

by Lourie Samson

Comments (4)

And this from a rural poet who began by etching charcoal into tree bark.
Does the SPCA know about this poem? It should be banned by all animal lovers everywhere.
A savage poem that I am sure tells it how it was.
I love this poem, and used to read it to my kids when they were young. It made an incredible impression on them and they asked for it now,10 years later. It is a great portrayal of a tragically courageous struggle against an overwhelming evil opposition.