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Badges Of Honor
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Badges Of Honor

“I was not following you home

You‘re delusional and all alone

Waiting for someone to pick up the phone

Even though you know that they won‘t.”

“You’re a tree-hugger, the type of guy

Who couldn’t wipe his eyes and tell a lie

Hang your head and let out a loud sigh

Oh well, at least you tried, right? ”

“Your wings have broken in two

I’m trying so hard to help you

C’mon now, don’t forget the glue

Blue just doesn’t look good on you.”

“You cannot be in love with someone’s shadow

You hide behind the wings of an angel

Cover up your face and pretend to not exist

Your web of conspiracy becomes tangled

I love you for not just who you are

But for what I honestly know you can be

You’re crying more tears just to fill the jar

I fear this time you may have gone too far

We are only a Semi-Perfect Salvation

The blood, sweats and tears of our foundation

We need you to undo this translation

These wings are your new transformation (creation)

The Semi-Perfect Badges of Honor (only semi-perfect)

I am proud of your true colors (steadfast colors) .”

“Yes, these wings are your Badges of Honor…”

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