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Badly Hurt

Badly Hurt

Dont tell me you're sorry about what you've done
Cause we both know you never mean it
I was hurt and we can never do anything about it
Even if i'll forgive you, you'll do the same thing
over and over again..

It was such a stupid mistake to let you in my quiet life
And now i am ruined and i dont know where to begin
You've promised to protect me from everyone who will give me pain
But you're the one to hurt me instead..

Stop lying because it will never work anymore
Im tired of listening to your stupid explanations
I've been here all along, waiting for your appreciation
Yet you ignored me more than you care

I am slowly breaking down and falling into little pieces
But this wont last long and you will see
That once i get my confidence back, i'll be a better person
And you'll feel sorry for yourself, that you've hurt me

Go on and leave me, for i will never care
I think it would be much better if i wont see you here
Dont think about our past cause its nothing now
Just start your new life and i'll do my own thing without you..

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nice poem i really like it