There is an obedience
To self that comes and
Goes with time; a precision
Of movement from time
To time, place to place,
Year to year, age to stage,
Then to now.

Humanity is the most
Troubling time of choices
And resolutions, Karma -
Reward and punishment
Time in tandem, blest and
Blessing opportunities, letting
Go and letting go.

There is a comeuppance in
‘Yes' and ‘No', ‘I'm not sure'
And ‘Why the hell not'.

The messenger is dodging the
Bullet as the message lingers
On and on: "Blessed be the
Tie that binds our hearts.."

Even the blind can perform a
Perfect dressage when soul
And spirit unite: ‘Hallelujah'.

2012, With many thanks to Shy
And the 'horse'she'rode in on'.

by Jim Boone

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Such a clever little poem :)