Auburn lights, char burnt trail
frogs sing out, coyotes wail
'To dawn to dawn, we'll chase the light
that fades like water into night.'

'Trail on' I hear my Master cry
in his life... weakness denied
a sovereign drink from cool cool rain
till Baglow battled over Kain

'twas in the hollows, of my Masters land
where Baglow charted war and planned
too release the grip of Kains wretched hands
and lead the masses that took now a stand

Kain heard the people were now distraught
'I'll lose my kingdom' rang in his thoughts
'If they wont give in, why... I'll perish all
but most will give when the few will fall'

Upon the Moors, come first dawn
is where Kains Captains begin to spawn
a murderous plan, to take tight the hold
and punish all whom may oppose

Baglow knew where Kains weakness lay
he would have his fight, his fight today
'I will chip away at his hollow shell
with a truth, a truth to tell'

Kain had a weak and shallow heart
that is where his war's would start
fought by those whom were told ten lies
and the truth of greed always denied

He had robbed from Peter, robbed from Paul
Put his gains, ahead of all
The Paupers cried because they knew
while the poor had less, Kains riches grew

Kain hated this time of Hunters Moon
that came with dusk near the end of June
his fiddler knew played, the saddest tune
Kains truths now known, the end was soon

t'was not a drop of blood e're shed
the truth frees all, when the truth is wed
to all whom claim to hold fair stakes
its there and then, the just rightly wake

In Bagelstand, the paupers prayed
the King sat in deserved dismay
King Kain who lead with hellish wrath
took on his own, a different path

'The truth, the truth has my throne denied'
it twas as good as over Kain knew inside
Baglow shone in his earnest Light
In the truth that always wins the fight

Kain left his lead, slipped into night
with a bags of gold, he did take flight
true nature shown, lies now known
the paupers looked 'pon Kain's hollow throne.

Baglow who was loved by all, he knew
for it was, to All… that he reigned true
Bagelstand, is what the best can be
when we decide its time to see

by Cee Bea

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