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A moment of silence,
Heads are bowed,
Flags at half staff,
Prayers around,
~ Another bomb ~
~ Another attack ~
More dead bodies,
In the New Iraq,
A suicide bomber,
A flatbed truck,
The UN headquarters,
Is now blown up,
Security was lax,
Reports the news,
Giving trust to a country,
Offering a truce,
The reality is harsh,
In this desert land,
More Iraqi's have died,
By Iraqi hands,
Soldiers are digging,
Through the debris,
In hopes to find life,
They want to believe,
They're here for a reason,
To rebuild Iraq,
For this they're drying,
By daily attacks,
Freeing a country,
That spits in their face,
Leaves soldiers wondering,
Why they're here in this place?

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Comments (5)

this whole war business is beyond comprehension...wars are artificially created to promote sale of arms. We common people must rise up against all those who promote violence and so called Jihads against someone or the other...
Excellent. One comment on nationality, people (plural) of Iraq are called Iraqis, not Iraqians.
nice poem...if only there were no more wars and conflict was resolved through peaceful means...life would be so much more beautiful...
Share your emotions, drying is a typo.
Really like this poem. It gives people an insight to a war that should have never been started. Good write :)