Teacher (An Acrostic Poem)

Teaches me good things
Every single day
All through the year.
Cares for me
Helps me in my work
Each day with her is fun.
Real fun indeed!

by Ruhee Parelkar

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this whole war business is beyond comprehension...wars are artificially created to promote sale of arms. We common people must rise up against all those who promote violence and so called Jihads against someone or the other...
Excellent. One comment on nationality, people (plural) of Iraq are called Iraqis, not Iraqians.
nice poem...if only there were no more wars and conflict was resolved through peaceful means...life would be so much more beautiful...
Share your emotions, drying is a typo.
Really like this poem. It gives people an insight to a war that should have never been started. Good write :)