(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Bake Them Cookies

Who do they think 'they' are?
Dumping their garbage,
In someone else's backyard?
And to do this without getting our permission?
The nerve, the gall, the...
Sheer disrespect to regard our neighborly policies.

'Perhaps and just 'maybe',
They had witnessed us doing the very same thing.
And did not realize,
What is done here has to meet certain conditions.'

And look at them.
Waving to us while committing this most atrocious act,
In the broadest of daylight.
What should we do?

'First wave back.
Bake them cookies to have delivered unexpectedly.
To then have someone in an authoritative position,
Explain to them specifically...
What the rules are to follow to maintain our hypocrisies.'

Good idea.
Chocolate chip or townhouse?

'Townhouse? '

You know...
The ones with the nuts AND chips.

'Let's do the nuts and chips.
But first let's have a meeting...
To get the rest of the neighbors to agree with this.'

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