Baking For Keeps

One clear bowl to hold her soul
Hand mix slowly is your goal
On close eve's hear 'her' goal
Her need might be hot as coal

Cup in hand now hot spice aid
And never mix before was said
Another long spoon neatly laid
One big hand full attention paid

On the topic of all heat discreet
Her hotness regulated by both feet
Thigh to rub as often as she need
Mouth to taste when over sweet

On the salt side pinch go slow
Her recipe takes patience to know
Ear closer for her secrets snow
Your trust also through time bestow

Legs stand firm now while you soon
Tied those whispers to the moon
Around you now the only spoon
Her soft pinch kept for noon

Waist will gather love you give
Naked truths she pour to live
And later when too hot to give
Warm it down your patient sift

Arno Le Roux 2014

by Arno Le Roux

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