Who Are They?

Who are they,
To tell you how you are.
You live life to the fullest.
A heart you have, it’s made of pure gold.

Sure you're different, some say odd.
It’s your life, that's how you want to live.
Standing on your two feet, not worrying if you’re going to fall.
You try not to listen, but it hurts all so much.

Sure you’ve made mistakes…
You never had to be told.
Its part of who you are…
It hasn’t broken you yet.

So cruel your friends can be…
You don’t follow in their path.
Never could you, never would you…
It’s not who you are…

You can see the rains of hate and jealousy.
Sticking out the pains of indifference.
You know that the next few days…
You will see the rainbow of kindness and hope.

Don’t be ashamed, of how you go.
They say you beat to a different drummer.
Leaping always ahead, it’s amazing you have no fear.
Complete you feel, going in your own direction.

Where do you get it from?
What a drive you have.
So dangerous it is, you wear your heart on your sleeve.
It might be a fault, but, it’s your strength in a way.

You love to the fullest, when love comes around.
Never do you think of the consequence.
Its now or never for you, it’s the only way you know.
Sincere you are in your ways, you don’t see anything wrong.

Behind your back the whispers appear.
Friends that you thought you had, have dropped one by one.
You’re called a slut, you’re called a whore.
They don’t want to be near you anymore.

It’s so unfair, they don’t understand.
They exaggerate way too much, yes you’ve had loves.
You don’t give it away, the way they are talking about.
They don’t understand that you need to be loved.

Life at times can be your battlefield, you just dig in.
You need to be wanted, it’s all you ever wanted.
Maybe it’s not right, but you believe who you’re with.
You cannot believe they would lie to get what they want.

Your pretend it’s the greatest thing in your life.
Too afraid to see you can do so much better.
It’s always been your answer, so afraid to be alone.
You travel that viscous circle, cold you become to the whispers.

So jaded, so cold you've become.
The sweetness in life that you relished, become a passing dream.
You tell yourself you’re alright, such a brave front you try to hold.
In the loneliness of your room, the tears rain.

Something has got to give; you can’t go on this way.
It’s become your own deception, so afraid to see the truth for what it is.
In your own mind you deny your own deception…
Too afraid, to think you're alone, you cannot see beyond the sunrise.

Its too many secrets and lies you now hold.
Juggling ever so carefully…
You’ll wake up one day, seeing them all blow up in your face.
It will be the time you’ll have to face yourself in the mirror.

Will you be strong enough to face the fear and pain?
Will you see your beauty worn prematurely old?
Can you have the courage to try to set things right?
Maybe it might stop you in your tracks….

It’s such a hard call; you have the will to do it if you want it.
You just don’t know it’s the best thing for you to do…
It’s going to take some pain before you find your redemption.
No one really believes you can do it; it’s up to you…

They all say you will never change your ways…
Maybe its time to cut you away, they all tried to help you out.
You still have something there that can’t be explained, its yourself.
Someone has to care honestly for you, if not, no one will.

by Kevin Carney

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A beautiful poem ever written, thanks for getting us to read.
My lady cometh! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Herro, Dido, Laudomia, alle y-fere, And Phyllis, hanging for thy Demophoun, And Canace, espyed by thy chere, Ysiphile, betraysed with Jasoun, Maketh of your trouthe neyther boost ne soun; Nor Ypermistre or Adriane, ye tweyne; My lady cometh, that al this may distevne.Love these lines. Beautiful poem. Thanks and congratularion ti his soul for being selected as this poem as the poem of the day.
love and love, good write
Such an interesting poem........