Whenever I Think Of Love, Peace Is What I Think Of! - Joshua Aaron Guillory

Whenever I think of love,
peace is what I think of! - Joshua Aaron Guillory

by Joshua Aaron Guillory

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A beautiful poem ever written, thanks for getting us to read.
My lady cometh! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Herro, Dido, Laudomia, alle y-fere, And Phyllis, hanging for thy Demophoun, And Canace, espyed by thy chere, Ysiphile, betraysed with Jasoun, Maketh of your trouthe neyther boost ne soun; Nor Ypermistre or Adriane, ye tweyne; My lady cometh, that al this may distevne.Love these lines. Beautiful poem. Thanks and congratularion ti his soul for being selected as this poem as the poem of the day.
love and love, good write
Such an interesting poem........