VM (18/06/1974 / chennai)

Balance Sheet Of Life.

In the precious balance sheet of life
We have our character as the capital
And our wisdom as the investments
We enter our feelings and thoughts
Share the ideas and values
Credit by giving, debit by receiving
Happiness as the assets
Sarrows as the liabilities
Friends as the profit
Enemies as the loss
Patience and humanity as the bank balance
Let's compromise and adjust
To the goodwill of the soul!

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Verily, our life is like the balance sheet A lovely write....10
Please go through my poem My Balance Sheet which I wrote exactly three years back. If vice versa would have happened, what would you say. May be nothing may be felt today but as you go further when someone does the same thing you will definitely realise. I am sorry if i had used any harsh comment. Still I would appreciate if you could go through my poem. Thank you!
My Balance Sheet - Poem by Geetha Jayakumar Profit is the each friend I added Loss is my each friend lost due to my mistakes. Miscellaneous is where friends is combinations of both love and hatred. Suspense is my missing friends or out of touch. Repairs and maintenance for my health. Petty ones are the cold, flue etc I get every time. Outstanding is the number of likes I expect for my Poems. Prepaid is the likes I clicked in advance for others Poems. My bank were full with love and care. Loan Is the happiness I give to others. Purchases is the thanks I purchased from others. Sales is by fulfilling the wishes of others. Profit was more than loss...but Asset are the love I got From my parents, brothers, sisters and relatives. Liability are I couldn't return back The love and the care which I got from them which will remain always as liability. Is my balance sheet well balanced? I tried to balance it... Nope, my liabilities balances more than assets. (Geetha Jay Kumar submitted her poem 4th July,2013, I don't say v.m. sarasvati munuswamy has copied her, but both the
Amazing read Mam, May be I am not that fascinated about my accounting classes in College days yet this special class on Life's balance sheet amused me lots of experiences!
Loaded with accounting and life lessons and wisdom. Well done my friend!
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