From time to time, our moods must change,
That's just the way we are...
So none of us should think it strange
To wish upon a star...
By faith, we claim a miracle,
A vision or a dream,
A lullaby so lyrical
That somehow fits the theme...

The meerkats looked, as meerkats do,
To watch the sunrise soon,
Because, to them, it was brand new
And brighter than the moon...
They had no clue how it got there,
Or how it sailed the sky,
Or how its light was hard to bear
And so they wondered why...

On balance, it brought light and heat,
On balance, hip hooray!
Somehow it made their lives complete
And brightened up each day...
So it felt good to watch it turn
Brilliant golden yellow...
And so they perched, content to learn...
Balanced, feeling mellow...

Denis Martindale, copyright, April 2011.

The poem is based on the magnificent painting
by Stephen Gayford called 'Balanced'.

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by Denis Martindale

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