Ballad Of Dolores

I want to be a guest who dwells within your heart
Never to leave you, never to part
I wish you the world so sweet
A nectar to drink with your eyes
The morning star Venus in the eastern sky
Adorned in brilliance before sunrise
In my quest to conquer all sorrow
I pray for your tomorrow
Come soar on the wings of love with me
Your elegant bird of passage I shall be Should your spirit journey into the sanctuary of my heart
My melodious soul abides in this domain, it is a sweet serenade
I would embrace you in my bosom
Where love reigns upon a throne
In the realm of my thoughts I honor and cherish you
On a pedestal of love
Fate is the power to determine our destiny
I want the world in tune in love in harmony
Rise up and fly high find love in whatever you do
Dolores is calling...calling you.

by Dolores Fifi Miguel Beard


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