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Ballad Of Laerek
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Ballad Of Laerek

For whom does the sun not rise?
For whom doth the mournful sky weep?
Mighty Laerek hath fallen
Defending the high lord’s keep

From forth the gates of seething hell
A champion the dread ones did send
For to ring the high lord’s funeral bells
His mortal reign to end

Scores of hellish fiends were issued
All smiling with mirth and chuckling with spite
On his mighty steed Laerek trampled them
Noble Laerek, the valiant knight

Demons winged, demons clawed, demons fanged
All demons present did die
Their blood boiled, their bones cracked
At the sound of Laerek’s battle cry

The ground cracked
High were the corpses stacked
Many a brave man did cry
A new army had risen; all those who just did die

On Laerek continued his onslaught
Ignoring all blood, injury, and pain
Never did the brave man consider
His charge may be in vain

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