I Am Cheater

I have friend who believes I am cheater
I catch hold of nerves and conveniently alter
The whole theme and suitable present in another form
It is presented to world as if new poet is born

I had no ready made arguments to offer
As from the beginning he had differed
He was holding different opinion with firm belief
I too was adamant and did not surrender to give him relief

He wanted to present the human problems in its original context
It was not to be mixed with any oratory to give it as presentable text
He had been in this field not for long but held firm views
I used to be at logger heads with him and asked for opinion review

He is or many may not fall in line with my presentation
I have avoided all the time the matter full of artificiality with sensation
I did not believe in presenting the views in trimmed way
The readers wanted an answer and in such absence preferred to go away

I have simplistic view about nature and its functioning
What else can I offer when they are in full boom and blossoming?
Some color has to be added to look as if the words too are natural
Some fragrance is in air and everything seems to be formal

Human sentiments can not be played at somebody’s disadvantage
How can we put it differently and later on try to salvage?
The poem is such powerful medium that one can reach out heart
It may not be any artificial things behind but possibly a good art

The human sufferings have different pattern and can be compared
The flowers too come on with different colors and adored
One is in boom for short interval and likely to be faded
The sufferings may be for longer period and can not be traded

Nothing remains here permanently and has to vanish
Whether it is time bound, to be completed or finished
They cycle may be repeated differently at every level
One must be careful and seize it with all means to excel

I have chosen the simple symbols to present human misery
The sword or automatic gun can not be shown in the hands of adversary
That may give the impression of violence and may reflect unnecessary
I may show the frowning face with cruel lines to vary

Such may be symbolic presentation of poems
Exact presentation may not be possible to present them
Still it will be better to present them in simple way
I shall control the flow in the ordinary manner with full say

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

Comments (2)

12/21/09 Todays clue in the daily crossword puzzle, the answer fere, not sure from the poem if it means companion, or priest?
Fere (def.) a companion, a mate Pound- the great Modernist free-verse poet- was master of more traditional poetic forms than ANY other 20th Century poet. In fact, FEW pre-20th Century English poets mastered as many forms as Pound. 'Ballad of the Goodly Fere' ranks with Robert Burns' ballads.