They say that when you born, a woman cry and they say when some one die a woman cry, when we born we born unconscious and when we die we die unconscious as we die numb to the pain.
We got to sleep letting the death to take you life away, and the pain doesn’t feel the same anymore, numb and naïve scare of the next step beyond life and beyond our conscious life.
We kiss, we cry, we laugh and we die, is the process of life and when we die a new life born ready to repeat the same we did.
So tonight I’m going to rewind the memories that meant a lot for me and smile maybe for the last time of my life, because now is nothing left but the countless times that I was happy.
So with this New Year I wish that I could find the happiness into my life and I hope tear don’t fall from this eyes that has seen enough to die.
I hope when I become unconscious everything on my life becomes something and I don’t have to die in vain feeling the pain even when I go away.

by Christian K. Montiel

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tasted like 2 chicken tikka masala and one Balti chicken with a side order of poppadoms doot
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