The Eyes That Beholdeth [the Child]

The children from birth
were forced to cry
the parents of the child
ready to chide
for one reason or the other
the child got abused
and thier rights got trampled
most at times known
at the other unknown
under the feet of the grown ups
who walk treacherously
as though they'd never hurt an ant
for they know or know not
the rights of the child
according to law
which states that
the child, his right it is
to live a life thats full
no child trafficking is allowed
any form of child abuse
shall be purnished by law
to mention but a few
but the childknow not his rights
and so been living in fear
fear is in their hearts
as they beheld thier parents
in a royal rumble
not taking the trouble
to notice the burst burble
the children learnt to humble
as they beheld thier teachers
teaching with canes in thier hands
menacing and threatening
fear was in the eyes that beholdeth
as they beheld the soldiers
chanting thier war songs
as they beheld their elders
take advantage of their helpless state
as they beheld the politicians
making unfulfilled promises
as they beheld thier leaders
leading towards the ditch
as they beheld the lawyers
argue at the court of law
as they beheld two wrongs
dangerously making a right
as they beheld the graduates
hawking wares on the streets
as they beheld the pastors
who value notes above God
as they beheld the sinners
argue over thier rights
as though they ever did right
the children cried out for thier rights
but only few responded
as fear gripped their hearts
the type that leads to the dark side
they wished they were never born
into misery and shame
blaming their creator
and the reason for intercourse
which brought about thier birth
they wept bitterly
at the sight of earth
where sin and evil abound
they knew not their righs
nor how to go about thier lives
so had to grow by instructions
which they thought never would end
till twenty years of age i guess
what a long period of time to wait
having waited this long
we must wait, nothing more
they thought

by micheal udenyi

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