Ballad Of The Yellowest Beret

Frightened airman from the Texas sky,
Fearful man who would jump to lie!
Man who meant not what he would say!
This craven man deserved the despised yellowest beret!
Privileged status then to protect his rear.
This man hid for a year!
Thousands of men then sacrificed each day,
But this one so deserved the yellowest beret!
Trained to live off others' work,
Trained in politics with that smirk!
Man who hid both night and day!
Craven deep is this yellowest beret!
Back at home veterans awaited an unknown fate,
While this yellowest beret showed up a year late!

by Hubert Wilson

Comments (2)

Hey Hubert 'Bring It On'! ! ! , Gung Ho! ! , Ding How! ! 'Let's Go Seabees! By the way Did you know that Big Bad John, Ronnie Reagan, Cary Grant, Yankee Dunkle Flag Wavin'James Cagney.and countless other Hollywood Heroes Bravely fought the enemy on the back lots of Hollywood.while having R&R at the Stork Club.I myself fought the Battle of the Big PX.(Couple of them had trouble getting gas for their Yachts,1943 was a rough year) ,
Hubert, thanks for the laugh. It sure ain't John Wayne you're writing about there!