The Singing River

The river tumbles onwards to the sea,
And rushes, racing over rocks and stones,
And boulders, branches, pebbles, sand and scree,
Singing so many melodies to me,
In whispering notes and thunderous roaring tones.

Music that lingers in the ears and mind,
Soothing confusing thoughts that come my way,
Easing all stress, so my spirit is resigned,
To watching its water ripple, swirl, glide and wind,
And giving a soft contentment to my day.

Always there, this river, which is never still,
And every night and day, how strong it flows,
Into each pool, each inlet and each new rill,
It does, my thirsty soul, with pleasure fill,
And sets my thoughts on peace, and my 'being' glows.

© Ernestine Northover

by Ernestine Northover

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this is such an amazing poem!