Dreaming Of My Angel

Tonight in my head you are a dream,
One with a beauty so serene,
One with a heart so pure and clean,
An impossible beauty or so it would seem.

You are an angel like none before,
Causing the hopes of men to fly and soar,
My love for you is an endless roar,
Thats screams it is you that i adore.

But a picture of innocence you will remain,
A picture of course i wish to obtain,
A picture no doubt you will sustain,
A picture so magical it could make me deranged.

For you are a symbol off all that is good,
And do anything for you, oh yes i would,
And for you to remain, oh yes you should,
For to be with you, i would do all i could.

For when i see you my heart starts to stutter,
When i hear you my voice starts to stutter,
When i smell you my nose falls to the gutter,
And if i touched you, i would turn to a nutter.

For your beauty is so brilliant and wonderous,
That nature quakes and the skys are thunderous,
Because your beauty is bright and luminous,
And i need you now as my love is definitely contagious.

So i think of you and wish we could grow old together,
And i could happily call you my girl forever,
I could not forget you, not now, not ever,
But off course its not so simple or clever.

Because as i pour out my heart today,
I know it is me that has the burden to pay,

For as you drive off my heart rips in two,
And again i am dreaming, Dreamind of you.

by Zavier Smith

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