The Puzzling Phenomenon

Life is an unsolved puzzle
But the fun is
Jokers claim to understand,
Death is an untested phenomenon
The tomfoolery is
Fools give their expert observation

by Abdul Wahab

Comments (12)

Giving full marks to the elegance and the beauty of some renowned ladies, the poet finds his muse a cut above the rest and he tells it quite gracefully. Great poem.
i find this poem delightful. i admit, though, i am positively inclined to kilmer from his justly famous poem trees. quite different than this one, but for some reason i'm reminded of shakespeare's sonnet which begins, my mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun. -glen
I would presume from this delightful poem thgat the author did NOT have a roving eye. Yea for love and Joyce Kilmer!
Evoking all the classical comparisons and finding 'No lady is so as mine'
Look into me this is my lady my lovely lady lives in me into this den of heart peacefully with love on the palanquin of rosy buds .............. greatly written
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