The Children Of Poverty Street

At least spare a thought for the children the children of Poverty Street
They are homeless as young teenagers and against the odds they must compete
Their parents serving time for robbery and narcotic offences and most of their role models in jail
Their circumstance of birth is a huge mark against them the poor young people destined to fail.

They steal for to buy food, drugs and alcohol on Poverty Street life is tough
Too young much too young to be homeless without shelter and sleeping rough
They are pushed to the social fringes the young people society disown
Ignored by the Government Bureaucracies and to the Police only known.

Who could envy them their existence those born into cruel circumstance
The Gods are completely against them of success they do not stand a chance
For them life is such a great battle they must battle their ghosts of despair
They don't even dream of the good life to them life is very unfair.

You who waffle on of life's choices with you talk is always so cheap
Bet you were not homeless at thirteen and on a park bench had to sleep
You would not talk of life's choices if you had to steal for to eat
If you felt alone and abandoned like the children of Poverty Street.

by Francis Duggan

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Giving full marks to the elegance and the beauty of some renowned ladies, the poet finds his muse a cut above the rest and he tells it quite gracefully. Great poem.
i find this poem delightful. i admit, though, i am positively inclined to kilmer from his justly famous poem trees. quite different than this one, but for some reason i'm reminded of shakespeare's sonnet which begins, my mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun. -glen
I would presume from this delightful poem thgat the author did NOT have a roving eye. Yea for love and Joyce Kilmer!
Evoking all the classical comparisons and finding 'No lady is so as mine'
Look into me this is my lady my lovely lady lives in me into this den of heart peacefully with love on the palanquin of rosy buds .............. greatly written
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