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WS (June 1,1991 / Richmond hill)


Poem By Wandering Scarlet

head upside down
'im about to drown
drown in depression
its my obsession
beat myself up
i never give up
scratch till i bleed
pain is what i need
cant get enough
need to be more rough
my body is numb
my head is dumb
man i hate myself
now i run into this shelf
now my face is bleeding
on pain my body is feeding
slam my head on the wall
i hit like a rag doll
fall on the floor
whack my head on the door
i loose consciousness
i'm trapped in blindness
im going ballistic

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Comments (3)

That sounded like me on New Year's Eve. Well minus the drowning. Unless you count drowning in meaningless substance as drowning. i havent come across any poet quite like you and thats a compliment I can relate too since I havent come across a poet quite like myself either. It seems like you have a knack for poppin out the classics quickly tho.
That poem spoke to me... I loved the poem AND the title. They were both excellent. Great work! Keep writing.
wow that was a very good poem i loved it..kinda scary though but n a funny kinda way..~hazel