Balm Of Idol

O perfection of the blue sea
You fount of the idols breathing underneath
Thou art a speckless spirits;
Thy house is a breed of beauties.
Where come-hither string of this melody
That caresses darkness to exhume the light?
When I am in bachelorhood
I looked but none of you found.
O treasure of the creeping moon
Branded with sprigs of diamond
And humours of the orchestra,
Back and front, glamour-gorgeous
Than a picturesque stand of Adonis;
Her memorandum, it bed-warming my romance
Without fondling the blooms of her waist,
Thou art lady of a trouble-free stroke.
Speak! Let love engraved my soul
Let immunity remove the cede of covetousness
Where sole of mere footprints
Trapped passers-by to sing the litanies to soul maker
Who made clay a life of beauty.
Without you love is baseless,
Your line is heart-warming and adorable.
The sets of your endearment
Are thrilling and jingle to my tide,
The blues on your bosom
Tenderness like eye of juice;
Where are you when I am in bachelorhood?
But if fate can still regroup my cogitation once again,
Gold and cowries will be paid to the goddess
To idol you forevermore.

by Abiodun Adekoya

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