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Bully others cause by masters strength and poses.
Fall your faces and first to grounds because dirt may good.
Filthy men have nothing pretty only there may be forces and might confer or hired from masters.
China tyrant some with china shysters take the tastes of swine.
China jester out on life is like a snob to live and count.
China flunky henchman wants a lot.
Who will seek their fringe benefits shamelessly?
Things that Indeed are buying also selling tickets but there are illegal fringe benefits. There are cook account books. Credit accounts mixed with some debit one is blend for self interests.
China syllogisms want the real of wars and loot of spoils.
What to fit in china tyrants wishes are evil men with evil acts.
- - - - - - -Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3- - - - -

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evil men with evil acts, I like it. thanks.