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It was a morning not unlike most of those that went before.
A gentle knock at the front door.
Hurrying to finish what was just begun
Before answering this demanding one

There on the marble stoop stood a slight older man
Do I need to mention the color of his skin
Not well dressed, but not shabby as some
It was evident that this area was his home.

M'am, he began
In a soft voice that only she could hear
I walk by here as my home is near
And I could'nt help notice the hubcap missing from you car, which I often admire.

It's something that I thought I could repair
For you see I have a friend who deals in such things
Buying and selling hubcaps to those that are missing them
Or he from time to finds one that has become loose,
Im sure that's the fate of your loss.

So I thought I'd see if he had one that might be just right
For the one that you lost maybe in the dark of night
I ask him for he is a friend, if perhaps his rules could bend
And give me a cap like the one you lost
And he said, 'Well I don't like to eat the cost,

But because it's between just us too
I tell you what I'll do,
If you'll pick up the place a bit and sweep the floor
Why I think that would be enough today, no more.'

And with that he remove the hubcap which he had held
Carefully behind his back and showed me the one that was just like
The one that she'd had lost some weeks before.
She'd really intended to replace it sometime soon when she went to the store.

'Why I'd, be much obliged' she said
Using a term that was from the old Southern homestead
'And let me thank you
And pay you for the cap.'

'No, No.' he replied,
'It's something between us neighbors and our pride.'
'But I can't let you go away with only a thank you to be said,
Wait here, I'll get you something for your troubles.'
'No trouble M'am, it be my pleasure.'

And he turned and walked away
His intent was to put the cap back on just that way,
So she hastened to the kitchen where her purse lay
And retrieved a twenty that she'd not spent that day.

As he finished and stood to admire his work
He was called back to the marble stoop for his reward.
Again he said, No M'am, but he was weakening
And accepted the bill with only a bit more encouraging.

Then as she stood and admired the replaced hubcap,
He shuffled on up the street
With his back maybe just a bit more straight
As tho he had done something worthy of remembering.

That evening when the husband returned from work
He was told the story which came with some teary eyed support
So they went outside to admire the new hubcap; so bright
‘Twas a pleasant sight.

And they walked around the car to compare
And on the driver's side they saw
To their despair
That only one hubcap remained there.

Welcome to Baltimer, Hon!


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