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Baltimore-A Moving Experience
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Baltimore-A Moving Experience

The moving van arrived at break of dawn
And the four unloaders and driver were chilled to the bone
But all had agreed to work come what may
And get the truck unloaded before dark of day.

The stone faced row house like all the others
With basement and two flights of stairs to the flloors above
A cavernous space that was soon to be filled
With furnishing and boxes of books
Tofill all the crevices and nooks.

A loading strap across the shoulders and chest
Made it possible to carry three boxes filled with the best
And books, many books, carefully packed
Were in those boxes on the laborer’s back

Carefully manuvering the marble steps
No hand rail was there in case of missteps.
Then down the long halls to rooms that await
The possesions of the owners, both small and great.

Lunch time was spent with another swig from the bottle
And back to work for there was no time to dwaddle
Soon the alky warmed its way to the bone
And made the work seem more like a bad loan.

Assembled on the side walk below
An assortment of watchers began to show
Picking sides on who was their favorite
The encouraged the men to hurry, it’s getting late.

For those standing there in the drizzling rain
Knew that there was a chance for fair game
As the workers would soon have money in their pockets
And would spend it quickly on beer by the buckets.

The work was done with no time to spare
Pay was given to the work leader for him to share
Then to the street the men went with a purpose
To forget today, it could have been worse.

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