CM ( / East Pakistan (Bangladesh))

Ban Inheretance

Eyes are wet and they sunk in moisture
Happiness of the life is gone forover! !
Hopes to do things became rain
Floating in the sky never again! !
Cheerful some are, in my problem
They set fire and don't give a damn! !

The storm was very big and tree fell
Roots are attached but suffering hell! !
Better to die than demotion with pain
No more strength to fight again! !
A country was on the corpse of my father
My heirs started to rejoice when I suffer! !

Why greed for wealth and inheritance
Isn't it mean, a sin, injustice, offence? ?
You may not agree with me but inheritance is injustice
It brings down fall of character root of evil and vice! !
Government will take care of minors and jobless families
Property of a deceased person, government should seize! !

by Chan Mongol

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