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Bananas (Limerick)
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Bananas (Limerick)

There once was a lonely banana
pretty ugly but otherwise sana.
Poet Allan came by
dressed it up on the sly
the banana then wore a bandana.

Do you know why bananas aren't straight?
They would never fit into a crate.
And when eaten in haste
for their wonderful taste
they'll go down, slightly bent, to their fate.

Each banana here has its own bender
they are twisted according to gender.
if a straight one slips through
it's the evening crew
and it always goes back to the sender.

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Comments (3)

Uuum this is a realy hilarious poem and i was smiling all the way, i now know why bananas are not straight :)
$1 a pop here at the moment, cyclone northern oz made em scarce, hence now expensive. it's hard to pass them by in the fruit aisle! did i hear someone on here say 'skirt the banana' in a poem because i liked that, btw organic bananas are the best especially if they're lady fingers (sweeter and oh so fine) - oh yeah, she knows her bananas onya Herb ~kelly sana?
very good Herbert everyone is on the Banana today Warm regards AJS