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Banda Aceh 2
PU (07-01-1949 / Kutoarjo)

Banda Aceh 2

Poem By Prasetya Utama

Sun of Banda Aceh burn the
my Body pore
Flaking husk
Second moment [of] my footh
Have to step non-stoped
Circle to knock each door
Rousing grandmother
What fall down the body
Because hot weather sting the
Old husk of its bone bandage
Looking of Window and door
Bunged up
From empty house
Without dweller
dusty and Silent here and there
Non-Stop by step
Turn and knock at
Where met by the slipper, shoe
Natty align in front of door
What is friendliness of people who medium
Besotted joke and loughing,
What is thy house?
Non, this house board with
Non, this non day;
When Teuku and Tengku have foe
And is ing each other door
Its house at all points
This also non day,
When evening
When we
Sit easy going in chair Cafe
What bertebaran of totality town angle
This about our being
With the space and time racing
Non about bringing suit debate
And bring suit the strength in party
Local and national,
Non that our intention
But about our house
What start brittle,
window which openly,
floors of wood board
what clatter if stepped on
because its stanchions
is groggy
or wallboard broken
by age growing older
we will not again
meeting old house of us
what its pillars is groggy
our belief
history will be besapttered of blood
because all
will omit the memory
when all smoothed down equivalent ofland; ground
changed by the building newly
filling balmy space
during racing
racing in the loud sound of hammer
compiling each; every our house brick
glue informed againstly is love,
reconciling with history handicap
to get our future
to breath in the fresh air
our house
hotly newly.

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