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Banda Banda!
(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

Banda Banda!

Poem By Edward Kofi Louis

Banda banda! ! ! ! Stupidity personofied! ! ! ! ! Foolish man living in India! ! ! ! ! You call yourself Dillip K. Swain! And your other name is Jascon Gelato! Why? ! Are you on drugs? ! ! Mental disorder;
I respect a lot of Indians! But, it is very sad that, you belong to this Country.

Bandabanda to you! ! ! ! The same words you used against me! You and your students are stupid people living on earth; you can't stop me from writing.

Are your computers very bad? ! Still searching for me; i am only for peace and love.

I am only for the truth! ! ! Why do you hate the truth? ! Wake up! Foolish man! Listen to the words of the truth! ! ! If people are afraid of you, then you've stepped on the wrong stone!

I will crash you with the works of the truth! ! ! You've being writing for many years! ! ! ! But, you cannot climb up the ladder! ! ! Why? ! Because you don't know what is called poetry!

You even copied my own words into your your poem called "Power"! ! ! Without asking permission; and called the poem Copyright! How can you copy someone's work and, put Copyright law under your name?

A thief that you are! ! ! That's why you have many names! You can't break me! I amthe rock that you cannot destroy. Reason up! ! ! !

Banda banda!
A thief that you are;
All because of your wicked heart! ! !
Look into the mirror and change yourself.

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Jascon Gelato as Dillip K. Swain! ! ! Lost glory! ! ! Evil man living in India.