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BH (March 6,1952 / tulsa, ok.)


Poem By Barbara Haskell

I miss the times I used to have to myself,
writing a letter or reading a book from my shelf.
I always have this unwanted company,
I've begged it to leave, but it won't, you see.
It's there when I dine
and when I sit in the sunshine.
It's there when I'm on the phone,
it just won't leave me alone.
It's there when I watch t.v.,
never, ever does it let me be.
It's my company when I wash my hair,
oh, yes, it's always there.
When I wash the dishes,
it's there against my wishes.
I don't know how it has a hunch,
but it's right there when I make my lunch.
If for a second, I think it's gone from sight,
that's when it really shows its might!
Who or what is my bane?
My dreary, dreary companion-Pain!

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Comments (2)

May your heart be at peace to endure the daily pain. Scott
Pain is difficult. God Bless