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Lost In Awhile Ago

It’s a warm summer night,
warmer still where she is,
lost in awhile ago.

His body spooned behind,
feathery sleep sounds in her ear,
with echoes of other sounds
from moments before.

The gentle breeze feels nice,
it cools the lusty beads
pearled across her forehead,
making skin feel like skin again.

A warm summer night,
inside her as well.
Eyes closed she smiles,
lost in awhile ago.

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Comments (23)

Wow...... Lovely poem brother
Right from the first line, the poem is a masterpiece! Lovely poem! ! ! Even I do hope someday I too write such great poems...
Hey...I found it so free flowing...You have a stunningly clear thought process....10+....
wow! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! stunning! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! you are genius.........great poem i hope i can write like you one day...
Hi Vic, Nice write, you've turned Bangalored into one of my favourite words! Cheers, Frank
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