Poem By Shakira Nandini

A want is in the young lady's bangles:
to start with they will break on his bed
at that point on the edge of his home.
Be that as it may, why on the edge?
Since in the young lady there is a lady
grieving — who isn't yet
a dowager
in any case, a dowager to be.
The young lady's dread throbs in her veins
to the extent her bangles
The young lady's want throbs in them
The young lady's grieving throbs in them
Where is the young lady's man
for whom grieving keeps running in her veins
for whom want is in her bangles?
Her man is gotten
in some other body
some other dream
distress, different tears
His each distress, dream, tear
is past the range of the grieving young lady…
Be that as it may, the young lady is just a young lady
in her is that primal purity,
franticness, passing,
whose discipline
she will provide for that man
one day
when she will break her bangles…

Comments about Bangles

A beautiful poem with a sad end. Straight from your heart. So nice.

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