Bank On Same

Politicians all over bank on same
Catch the nerve and earn the fame
Loot the wealth and rule the scene
Such unique creature can never be seen

Why to go for distant land and search?
He is all season bird to know everything and preach
He is powerful and capable to teach
We are all shameless who look for him to reach

What will he do after reaching on stage?
Advise you on whether and on all ages
He has to gain on all the fronts
As we always follow him and want

He can fool all with all immunity
We have made him powerful and mighty
He can fiddle with system and get Scot free
As he has enough of fruits to pluck from the tree

Judiciary, police and agents and party close the eyes
No one questions his integrity and ask why
This all makes him to act arbitrarily and above law
The same situation can not go on or be allowed

The situation may worsen one day
No one can save him from pushing away
That day will be final for him to repent
He may then not need any request or consent

People are fed up with corruption
There are daily cases reported without any interruption
Whole country is put into shame
Yet they act bravely and pass on the blame

Some leaders are left loose to vitiate the scene
Such parallel is never observed or seen
Only Tsunami or earth quake can remedy the situation
The time has arrived for us to go for real evaluation

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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