Bankers Are Just Like Anybody Else, Except Richer

This is a song to celebrate banks,
Because they are full of money and you go into them and all
you hear is clinks and clanks,
Or maybe a sound like the wind in the trees on the hills,

by Ogden Nash Click to read full poem

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'why do you brim with the milk of human kindness and urge them to accept every drop of it" .....
Thanks for posting. I came across it many years ago and it stuck in my head.
Poetry can be carefree, Poetry can be fun Just look at what this author With poetry has done. Truly and amusing and imaginative piece of work We can bank on that.
It is another business of money. Promoting Money lending and encouraging deposits and they know how to deal in money matters.
thanks for depositing this most enlightening poem and I have withdrawn all the info that I require, for the time being?
I knew Ogden Nash by the scores of wonderful Limericks he has written until I read this poem. The personality of a banker, the business of banking and the tricks of their trade have all been beautifully described in this amazing poem. Thanks. because they encourage deposits and discourage withdrawals, I know you, you cautious conservative banks!
Thanks for sharing+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Clinks and clanks! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
The word should be 'withdralls' (sic) . Never change Ogden Nash's spelling!
what is the bankers attitude towards people with low income who want small loans? Explain.
i needed summary from the exam point of view could you please help? ? ?
Nothing changes with bankers, self important bankers If you've got it, you have mates If not then its too late The more you owe the more they love you For interest is the thing with which they screw you Keith Oldrey
After 'withm' it should be: « But dont think I am against Banks Because I think they deserve our appreciation and thanks for eliminating the jackasses who go around saying that health and happiness are everything and money isn't essential, Because as soon as they have to borrow some unimportant money to maintain their health and happiness they starve to death so they can't go around any more sneering at good old money, which is nothing short of providential. »
This poem is missing a line or two down at the bottom, between the line 'Because I think they deserve...' and the line 'the jackasses...' It's something to the effect of 'da da da da banks/Who perform an important social function of eliminating the jackasses...' Other internet poetry archives have the same problem.