AMM (May 21,1988 / Ypsilanti Michigan)


medals and glass
cherry plums and first class
tickets to a land that is not
your own.

a message from a loved one
and only half the battle has been won
between this moon and this sun
this war we'll postpone.

take my shoes
take my pride
take my offer, you can't refuse!

but there are things
I'll never lose;

my faith, my hope, my love,
my past, my present, my future

no matter how weak my shoes
or how poor my pride
I can never lose love-

never is love bankrupt.
I can be bankrupt;
my brother, my sister,
my aunt, my uncle all too.
the world can be bankrupt,
but love, never you.

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Aha...A romantic if ever I saw one. A person who always sees the glass as half-full as opposed to half-empty. I really enjoyed this piece. Regards, Craig.