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Banquet For Two
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Banquet For Two

She did suggest he bring some fruits
and chocolates of course,
thin slices of the burpless cukes
and a fair pot of freshly cooked
and warmed spaghetti with the sauce.
The lights now dimmed, she hung
each garment near the door with care,
and stretched full length at last.
Banqueting table, so his thought...
she nodded, reading him, and smiled,
let's decorate, you may well take your time
yes that feels fine, a few more slices there,
perhaps the stalks lined up concentrically,
I do adore tomatoes, yes, the slices paperthin
and alternate with green perhaps, a pinch
of parsley should complete the lower abs,
spaghetti thrown onto the belly now,
and pour, not trickle the red sauce,
the garlic next, a bit of parmesan on top
and berries hidden in the lower bush,
well soaked in genuine Bulgarian too,
and let me taste this liquid chocolate
it's truly Swiss, oh yes a kiss, come here,
my flowerboy, arrange yourself,
I have been served, you be the honoured guest.
And lose that tremor of the digits, you'll do fine
we dine in style now, for dessert it's you and wine.

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