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The love in my heart
Makes me feel sick as I read the pages of you
You haven’t even got an inclining or a clue of what you put me through.
But I can read you like a book
A word, a sentence, a look
You weave your snare
You hurt me and don’t even care
In your net I am caught and I beg to be set free
From your unholy love, you banshee
I want to shove you away
But then in my mind you’ll stay
Bleeding the blood from my veins
Driving me insane
In the dripping darkness of the void-
That was my heart before it was destroyed
I still feel a yearning
A flame burning
For your voluptuous form
A feeling that will never leave
But will continue to deceive me!

by Daniel Hooks

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I love all your work I .ca r get over how creative you are. Your poems speak to me from time gone
a lovely piece... i was curious to read this because of the title and i've found out that it was really great poem... thanks best regards, jdh