Bar Talk.

You talk to old people in, in bars all alone
They talk about wives, family and home
About times long ago, of sadness and sorrow
Of hard times gone by, but never tomorrow

They talk about war, and the friends that they lost
The waste of it all, and what its all cost
Their lives turned around, The ones that survived
The guilt that is carried, for those left deprived

We sit there and listen, then nod and agree
But if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be free
So show some compassion, If you mean it or not
Just sit there and listen, it cost them a lot.

by Graham Jones

Comments (2)

I always do Graham, because these people who fought for us are elderly and many are lonely too, and they have very interesting lives to talk about. Lovely poem as usual from you. Love Ernestine XXX
This is beautiful poetry and I think I can identify with the old person here. Listening to some~one costs nothing. Big (10) Graham.