(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Barack Obama Missed

It has only been weeks,
And one's presence shown...
To have overwhelming integrity,
Had not been mistaken...
As a tool used to deceive.
Unaccustomed with this reality,
Some chose behind the scenes...
To diminish and demean,
A messenger committed...
Not to division.
But to a blended, humanistic...
Less racist unity.

Barack Obama missed.
And it does not matter,
Who addresses this...
Openly confessed.
Or barely heard to mumble,
Under one's breath.
Left to leave,
Whether expressed or not...
Is the effect of his absence,
Many in their minds can't stop.
And this to know,
Doesn't have to be admitted.
Even his critics wish,
Their time spent trying...
To find some dirt,
Had been a worthless endeavor..
Now they have more than enough.
To have collected,
Amongst themselves...
They couldn't hide,
With this attempted to try.

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Yes well said Lawerence