(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Barack Obama

It is claimed he is inexperienced.
It is claimed he is too young.
It is claimed he is of mixed heritage.
And his mother is white...
And his father is a native African son!
It is claimed he is intelligent.
A good father.
A husband with a black mate.
It is claimed he is honest.
It is claimed he is degreed.
It is claimed people love him.
And he is a Harvard graduate?

I 'hope' like hell these are not allegations...
Because he is perfect to lead this swill,
Out of the cesspool of sewage
That has been seeping for decades!
What is his name?

'Oh-Bula, Oh Bumba, OBala, Oh...?
Barack Obama!
That's it I think!
I don't know exactly.
But someone from those Star Wars movies!
Your Majesty...
I believe our prayers will be answered.
He 'reeks' with truth.
You have to see it for yourself.
It's incredible.
He has the gall to have published,
For all...
His flaws and blemishes! '

You're kidding!
Someone affliated
With those George Lucas
And Steven Spielberg productions?
Someone appearing before us,
Without hidden agendas...
OR seductions?

Yes, yes!
Send him in immediately.
He is the 'chosen' One!
He will lead this 'Federation'!

Play the theme upon his entrance.
I want him to feel he has found a home!
We've got to 'sell' our new mission,
To the people.
They have been hungry for this guy!
Send him right in!
I can not believe this!
Someone who dares to expose himself...
Without disguise?
Send that guy in here.

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Comments (3)

it claimed to be our next interacial president and i support it do you
A Denzil Washington lookalike perhaps? Spin. Spin. Spin. Great piece, loaded with irony. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
So he's not an old Roxy Music song! ! Dang!