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Respect Time!

Respect! Respect!
Time I respect you

Time is of great essence
Respect time
Before it imposes on you a sentence
As if you have committed a crime

Time is precious like a diamond
Time must come first never second
Respect time
For time itself is the sublime

Time never waits
Time decides fates
In time itself you create
The food you eat off your plate
In time itself you love and hate
And find a partner or some mates
Respect time, underrate it not
Don’t say ‘time passed, I forgot’

There is a time to be late
There is a time to debate
There is a time to wait for someone
Before time decides to shorten the fun
Remember time waits for no one
Time also catches up with those on the run

Respect time
The essence of time
Is its continuous presence
And its everlasting absence
And denial of the past tense

Copyright 2006 - Sylvia Chidi

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